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Live in career/companion to mind elderly lady in her own home

Paskelbta 2021-01-19 13:57
The Client is 90 and is of sound mind.
She is wheelchair bound/invalided and requires the use of a transfer hoist. (Training can be given on the use of this if candidate is not familiar).
The job entails living in the house full time - 7 nights a week/working 5 days - approx. 7 hours daily - 2 days off weekly.
(Overtime for other days may be available/necessary on occasion).
The careers schedule is broken into blocks of time during the day, therefore, being available for the client’s needs and meal times throughout the day with rest and personal time in between.
The candidate should have experience in working with the elderly and in personal care.
Fluency in English to enable communication with the Client.
Valid full Driving Licence as car is available for social trips/appointments out with client.
Kaina 1530 EUR
Vietovė: Cork

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